General Cleaning:
    For large areas outside use a leaf blower or plastic rake to remove debris. Generally wind and rain will keep your turf clean and looking fresh as with real grass. Smaller sections of turf can be hosed off or washed with plain water.

    Pet Waste:
    Solid pet waste can be simply picked up and urine washed down with plain water. If an odor does develop in an area of constant urination, neutralize with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and an equal amount of water. Or, use a pet friendly cleaning product that can be found in your local pet store.

    Mold Mildew & Bugs:
    Turf is made with non-absorbing materials and is naturally anti-microbial, mold and mildew is not an issue. Since turf is of a non-organic nature, bugs will tend to move to areas with real grass.

    Stains & Spills:
    Since turf is naturally non-absorbent, most stains and spills remain as residue that can be easily washed with a soap and water solution. For tougher spills like paint, follow manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines and as with any synthetic product test the area first before applying harsh chemicals.

    Synthetic turf is designed to withstand the elements and is unaffected by snow. Turf is treated with a UV inhibitor to protect against UV degradation. Any synthetic turf will fade in time but typically not before eight years and then just a small percentage of fading after that.

    Shipping Policy (Full Rolls)

    • InGrass arranges shipping via one of our trusted freight carriers.
    • Shipping to the continental 48 states only. No shipping available to Hawaii, Canada, or Alaska.
    • Shipping usually takes up to 7-10 business days to arrive.
    • InGrass makes its best effort to dispatch goods urgently; all times and dates given by seller are only best estimates.

    NOTE: The turf is delivered in rolls, similar to carpet rolls by freight carriers. Drivers ARE NOT REQUIRED to help unload or move rolls especially for residential deliveries. Some drivers don’t mind assisting in pulling the turf off the truck, but DON’T COUNT ON IT! We recommend that you have help available upon turf delivery.